Southside Grind:

a thought bubble, a concept, a bit of fun.


A place to place thoughts and ideas on the brewing issues.


What is Southside? The Southern Edge. The scrape of sand and granite that traces the southern most part of Western Australia. Rough, beautiful, rural, isolated. A great place for thought and a great place for finding answers.

Grind? Work; or your hustle. Life on the Southside isn’t the hardest – but you still have times you have to grind. Continuous consumption of coffee also helps make the grind more manageable.

Who is behind the Grind? Carl Heslop. Registered Nurse. Public health practitioner. PhD Candidate. Father of two. Coffee enthusiast. Generalist.

I live in the rural area. It presents unique perspectives, challenges and ideas. This blog is a tool to write more – exploring ideas and concepts. Some are linked to public health, others nursing, others lifestyle. Read some or read none, but feel free to comment, discuss or just enjoy with a coffee in hand.

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